A season for gratefulness . . .

Hey there!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything! A lot has been going on with Love Grow Bloom - we’ve definitely been growing and dealing with growing pains. And, in the process, lost all of the previous blog posts, so . . . . we’re starting fresh today. Nothing wrong with starting fresh, right?

I spent the day with my 86-year old mother yesterday, celebrating her birthday. It made me very grateful for many things: first and foremost, my mother! Geez, the things she has seen in her 86 years and she is still going strong. I hope that I can live such a life. She has given much and taken little, and requires very little to be happy. And she has always been such a steadfast, calm influence in my life. Such a beautiful woman. I am grateful.

It also made me grateful for the love of family. The day was spent driving with my mother and my sister. (Sidenote: we were looking for beautiful fall foliage, which we never found until I pulled onto the street where I live! Crazy!) We spent hours reminiscing and laughing about life. It was a good day. There is nothing like the comfort and love of your family. No pressure. No pretense. Just be you. If we have that, we should definitely cherish it.

It also made me grateful for my own daughters and the relationship that I have with them. For all of the disagreements, and differences in opinion and taste (mine is good, theirs, uh, not-so-good 😉), we have a strong bond. We understand and love each other unconditionally. I sat toasting 86 years last night with my mother, and thought about the next 30 years and what they will bring. Lots to be grateful for and look forward to! Probably a few more disagreements and differences in opinion too, but that’s okay. We’re all still growing and blooming . . . and doing it together. I want to be someone that they want to sit and toast 86 years with.

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