New Beginnings . . .

A new chapter for my youngest daughter: going off to begin this ‘growing into adulthood’ phase of her life (more on that later, she said something funny today) and a new chapter for me - all of the sudden, I have an empty nest. That has been a little weird.

For the longest time, I have said that I was looking forward to having an empty nest. And, I really did think that I was looking forward to it . . . until that last baby was getting ready to leave, and the full reality crept up on me. For about two weeks before I took her to college, I had a hovering melancholy feeling. I wasn’t depressed or crying, I just a felt a gloominess that I couldn’t shake - and now, almost three weeks after I moved her in, the feeling is slowly starting to subside. I imagine that I’m getting used to the quiet, the nuisance of a dog that no longer gets enough attention, and no one drinking all of my coffee in the morning so that I have to make another pot.

It’s a strange feeling to spend 25 years of your life dedicated to, and much of the time solely focused on, your children. And then one day comes and goes, and you are relieved of that duty. They will still need you (although mostly just for money, hopefully some advice) but not in the same way. We will never have our children living under our roof again (hopefully) and our days of ball games and late nights are over. It seems totally natural and totally weird at the same time.

Now, I don’t want to be all doom and gloom because those late nights really drove me crazy! I’m really looking forward to getting plenty of sleep, not picking up trash from every possible surface, and the laundry . . . oh, hooray, the laundry! No doubt, there are many great things about finally having an empty nest. And, the alternative would not be good. At all.

P.S. Back to the funny thing Vivian said: "I don't know if I like this college stuff - they don't tell you anything! You just have to figure out what you're supposed to do on your own!"  Haha. Yes. That is called becoming an adult. Figure it out.

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