New People . . . .

It was so nice to have my baby back in the nest for a few days over the holiday weekend! We mostly stayed home for quality time (which generally means eating and watching movies) but we were able to fit in some shopping. I’m sure that’s universal college kid stuff. Whether they come home, or we go there, we ALWAYS take them shopping for the stuff that they don’t want to pay for themselves! So nice to be needed 😏
Even though she has met many new people, and had a great few weeks at school, I still suggested to her that she reach out to some of the other pledges from her sorority - especially the small town girls. To make sure that they are connecting and having a good time, but also because I love the idea of meeting new people and making new friends. You never know what each person will bring into your life. Exploring and expanding your horizons is a major part of the college experience. I met two of my very best lifelong friends during my freshman year in college. In addition to LOTS of fun, they have brought new perspectives, compassion, loyalty and love into my life.
Every new season of life is an opportunity for all of us to be open to new people, and also re-evaluate what type of influence we need in our lives. And that is especially true of our college girls. They are growing and changing so much during these years. They should be forming their own opinions, and hopefully, figuring out what is important to them and what kind of person they want to be. When you’re growing and want to stay on course or change direction, you need a support system. People who will encourage you and help lift you up - sometimes you may need new people in your life for inspiration, support or encouragement.
You may not even know that you need to grow or see the world differently, until you meet someone who opens your eyes to other possibilities. It’s a great thing to meet someone who inspires you to be a better person. The people that you hold closest have such an effect on how you view the world - it is wise to give great consideration to that and to always be receptive to the people that God sends your way.
A new school year, new professors, new classes, new paths to class - there is opportunity for personal growth in every new experience and every new person. I will continue to encourage my college girls to be open to new friendships and to offer friendship to those around them - even if I get the eye-roll emoji sent back to me :)

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