About Us

Hey There! I'm Christina, and I started Love Grow Bloom with my daughters, Olivia, Gabrielle and Vivian. This company was born from my desire to stay connected to my college daughters in a fun way while encouraging them to plan for their future, to think through decisions, and to dream big dreams. Being a working mom, it was really difficult to find the right products (when I say difficult, I mean impossible 🤣), write thoughtful notes, box it all up, and then find the time to go to the post office to get it shipped. So, basically, I never sent the box that I envisioned.

Enter Love Grow Bloom - the perfect solution. The boxes contain much more than the typical beauty product subscription boxes. Our vision is a fun box of really great products that college girls will be thrilled to get, but also some encouragement to stay focused on the positive stuff. We work hard to find a balance between introducing the girls to great companies with positive and encouraging messages and providing excellent value.  And, we occasionally include suggestions that might motivate the girls to step out of their comfort zone and do things that push them to grow and see the world in a different light.  After all, this is the time of their lives to figure out who they are and who they want to become.

Ultimately, we want to encourage every young girl to believe in herself, learn from her mistakes to grow a bit every day, and to dream big dreams and know that with focus, intention and hard work, she can make those dreams come true.

Thanks for checking out our site.  We hope that you have been motivated and inspired to go out and do great things!  Check back to hear more about this adventure through our blog, and hear about other girls who are loving, growing and blooming into dynamic young women!

P.S. I can't write 'About Us' without including my wonderful husband of 31 years, who is so supportive of anything that I think I can do. And, my precious son, who is a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Military and is serving his country well. Thanks, my boys - you rock!  It's not all about the girls :)